Curator, Julie Oh: Tunnel, Air, Mother, Dunlop Art Gallery, 2019

Curator, Liz Ikiriko: Flags of Unsung Countries, Dunlop Art Gallery, 2019

Co-curator (With Wendy Peart), The Experiment (a group exhibition featuring Radha Chaddah, Nicole Clouston, Heather Komus, Yan Xiaojing, and Jay White), Dunlop Art Gallery, 2019

Curator, Nicole Kelly Westman: for every sunset we haven’t seen, Dunlop Art Gallery, 2019

Curator, Are You My Mother? (a group exhibition featuring Heather Benning, Sandra Brewster, Chun Hua Catherine Dong, Tanya Lukin Linklater, Michèle Pearson Clarke, and Emilie Serri), Dunlop Art Gallery, 2019

Curator, Roadside Attractions (a province-wide group exhibition featuring ), Dunlop Art Gallery and partners, 2018

Co-curator (With Blair Fornwald and Wendy Peart), URL:IRL (a group exhibition featuring Barry Ace, Jeremy Bailey, Jeremy Bailey and Kristen D. Schaffer, Madelyne Beckles, Maya Ben David, Scott Benesiinaabandan, Freya Björg Olafson, Desearch Repartment, Kaley Flowers, Carla Gannis, Carrie Gates, Nandan Ghiya, Amanda Low, Lorna Mills, Endam Nihan, Dominique Pétrin, Sarah Rothberg, Megan Smith, and Angela Washko),  Dunlop Art Gallery, 2018

Curator, Catherine Blackburn: Tell Me the Truth, Dunlop Art Gallery, 2017

Co-curator (With Blair Fornwald and Wendy Peart), Transmundane (a group exhibition featuring DaveandJenn, Paloma Rendón Dawkins, Deborah Edmeades, Frances Adair Mackenzie, Ryan Peter, Brendan Schick, and Arma Yari), Dunlop Art Gallery, 2017

Curator, Ursula Biemann: Subatlantic, Dunlop Art Gallery, 2017

Curator, Derek Sullivan: Booklover, Dunlop Art Gallery, 2017

Curator, Roula Partheniou: From Chalk to Cheese, Dunlop Art Gallery, 2016

Curator, Abbas Akhavan and Marina Roy: Neighbours, Dunlop Art Gallery, 2016

Co-curator, On the Table, Dunlop Art Gallery, 2016

Curator, Skawennati: Realizing the Virtual: A TimeTravellerTM ExperienceDunlop Art Gallery, 2015

Curator, Amanda Strong: Indigo, Dunlop Art Gallery, 2015

Curator, Barbara Meneley: Keeping the Tower, Dunlop Art Gallery, 2015

Curator, Dagmara Genda: Beating the Bush, Dunlop Art Gallery, 2015

Curator, Ian Skedd: Sign Singing: Love Will Tear Us Apart, Joy Division, 1979, Deaf Choir, 2009, Dunlop Art Gallery, 2015

Co-curator (With Blair Fornwald and Wendy Peart), Tricia Middleton: Joy is just melancholy with a really strong sense of purpose, Dunlop Art Gallery, 2015

Curator, Bad Feminism (video screening), RPL Film Theatre, 2015

Co-curator (With Blair Fornwald and Wendy Peart), Material Girls (a group exhibition featuring Morehshin Allahyari, Jaime Angelopoulos, Christi Belcourt, Katherine Boyer, Karin Bubaš, Andrea Carlson, Ying-Yueh Chuang, Alex Cu Unjieng, Raphaëlle de Groot, Abigail DeVille, Soheila Esfahani, Ran Hwang, Sarah Anne Johnson, Felice Koenig, Deirdre Logue, Rachel Ludlow, Jodie Mack, Amy Malbeuf, Sanaz Mazinani, Meryl McMaster, Allyson Mitchell, Dominique Rey, Winnie Truong, and Marie Watt), Dunlop Art Gallery, 2015

Co-curator (with Stuart Reid, Director/Curator, Rodman Hall Art Centre), Bill Burns: Beatrix Ruf Protect Us: A Project About Longing, Dunlop Art Gallery, 2014

Curator, Miljohn Ruperto: Janus, Dunlop Art Gallery, 2014

Co-curator (With Blair Fornwald and Wendy Peart), Tragedy Plus Time (With Sonny Assu, BGL, Michel de Broin, Jason Cawood, Mark Clintberg, Troy Coulterman, Robyn Cumming, Thirza Cuthand, Keren Cytter, Kim Dorland, Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby, Erica Eyres, Hannah Jickling and Helen Reed, Alison S. M. Kobayashi with Christopher Allen, Divya Mehra, Christine Negus, Craig Francis Power, Joshua and Zakary Sandler, and Walter Scott), Dunlop Art Gallery, 2014

Curator, Who’s Afraid of Purple, Orange and Green? (With Krista Buecking, Arabella Campbell, Jessica Eaton, Marie Lannoo, Jennifer Marman and Daniel Borins, Luce Meunier, Sarah Nasby, Sasha Pierce, Jennifer Rose Sciarrino, and Celia Perrin Sidarous), Dunlop Art Gallery, 2014

Curator, Joy Walker: Untitled, Dunlop Art Gallery, 2014

Curator, KC Adams: Birch Bark Ltd., Dunlop Art Gallery, 2014

Curator, Deville Cohen: POISON, Dunlop Art Gallery, 2014

Curator, Aubrey Reeves: Varsity Stadium, Dunlop Art Gallery, 2014

Co-curator, Carry On: Matthew Higgs Exhibition Workshop, Banff Centre for the Arts (presented in conjunction with The Banff International Curatorial Institute’s conference Are Curators Unprofessional?), 2010

Assistant Curator, Universal Code (a group exhibition featuring Adel Abdessemed, Franz Ackermann, Angela Bulloch, Mircea Cantor, Janet Cardiff & George Bures Miller, Cerith Wyn Evans, Henrik Håkansson, Antonia Hirsch, Thomas Hirschhorn, Ann Veronica Janssens, Kimsooja, Jed Lind, Iñigo Manglano-Ovalle, Josiah McElheny, Tania Mouraud, Gabriel Orozco, Adrian Paci, Trevor Paglen, Katie Paterson, The Otolith Group, Fred Tomaselli, and Keith Tyson), The Power Plant, 2009

Assistant Curator, Lawrence Weiner: The Other Side of a Cul-de-Sac, The Power Plant, 2009

Assistant Curator, Carey Young: Counter Offer, The Power Plant, 2009

Curator, Emily Vey Duke and Cooper Battersby: Beauty Plus Pity, The Power Plant, 2008-09

Assistant Curator, Goldin+Senneby: Headless, The Power Plant, 2008-09

Assistant Curator, If We Can’t Get It Together (a group exhibition featuring Shaina Anand, Egle Budvytyte, Kajsa Dahlberg, Hadley + Maxwell, Luis Jacob, Hassan Khan, Emily Roysdon, Haegue Yang), The Power Plant, 2008-09

Assistant Curator, Scott Lyall: The Color/Power Ball, The Power Plant, 2008

Assistant Curator, Harrell Fletcher: Born Out of Pleasure, The Power Plant, 2008

Assistant Curator, Manon de Boer, The Power Plant, 2008

Assistant Curator, Not Quite How I Remember It (a group exhibition featuring Diane Borsato, Gerard Byrne, Nancy Davenport, Felix Gmelin, Sharon Hayes, Mary Kelly, Nestor Kruger, Michael Maranda, Olivia Plender, Walid Raad, Dario Robleto, Michael Stevenson, Kelley Walker, Lee Walton), The Power Plant, 2008

Curator, Drop the Camera (video screening), The Power Plant, 2007

Assistant Curator, Andrea Bowers: The Weight of Relevance, The Power Plant, 2007

Co-curator (with Nicolas Wiethoff), Hot New Video Art (video screening), Art Gallery of York University

Co-curator (with Srimoyee Mitra), Timequake (two-person exhibition with Natalie Wood and Jennie Cherniack), Alleyjaunt, 2007

Curator, Eduardo Menz + Keith Sanborn, Curatorial Incubator: Round II, Vtape, 2005